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The Learning Child Series



The Learning Child Series is about nurturing the whole child, attending to cognitive development in the context of a child’s social and emotional growth, recognizing that each child is unique, and every child’s needs are different. Our programs promote such “habits of mind” as personal curiosity, problem solving abilities, “as-if” thinking and acceptance of different points of view. 

$107.95 | Complete Four Program DVD Series and the accompanying print learning guides

The Learning Child Series is also available on VHS

This program profiles the efforts of educators and parents to introduce children to the natural world and to involve them – through outdoor play, class activities and their own creative work – in a process of outdoor discovery.


  • DVD and the accompanying print learning guide

This documentary observes that encouraging young children to make pictures sets the literacy process in motion. That learning path leads from telling stories with pictures to telling stories with words, and these early interests can evolve into a passion for reading and writing.


  • DVD and the accompanying print learning guide

For its lasting benefit to children, “play” goes well beyond the fun involved. This program observes young children in play sequences that require planning, negotiating, collaborating, taking roles and developing narratives. When a Child Pretends demonstrates that pretend play is an essential arena for the child’s intellectual, social, emotional and imaginative development.


  • DVD and the accompanying print learning guide

This program observes that ethical issues are inseparable from the life of the classroom and the school. Educators incorporate into classroom practice such concepts as racial tolerance, non- violent conflict-resolution and respect for diversity. Values Go to School profiles ways to help children actively develop their own sense of ethics.


  • DVD and the accompanying print learning guide

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