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For Parents and Teachers



Helping Children Become Active Learners


Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s interest in active learning. Our videos explore this connection and encourage parents to take an active role in the developmental process of education.


In offering approaches that individualize education so that learning is ongoing in the home as well as the school, we are proposing a partnership between parents and teachers. Promoting that partnership in order to help children become active, confident learners is at the center of The Learning Child Series.



Working With Teachers


Our videos are all about observing the work of effective teachers and the classroom communities they nurture. How effective teachers best establish learning situations is the common theme of all our programs.


Because we know that every child is unique, our programs display teaching situations that are an alternative to the test-driven approaches that increasingly direct classroom practice. These videos offer ways to incorporate individualized teaching into classrooms that also must address these mandates. Our programs suggest that to support children's life in school, it is essential to attend both to the individual learner and to the classroom community.



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