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Who We Are

Our documentaries on childhood learning are produced by Jonathan Diamond Associates (JDA), whose television programs, produced in the public interest on subjects ranging from the environment to health care to children's education, have aired on many networks. In addition to The Learning Child Series, which has been carried by over 150 public television stations, JDA has produced "Wildlife Emergency" for Animal Planet, "Beating the Odds" for Discovery Health and "Women Who Won Gold" for ESPN.

The Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College

Guiding the formulation of the series are the experts at The Child Development Institute (CDI) at Sarah Lawrence College, who are committed to reaching out to teachers, parents, administrators and child development professionals. The Institute is dedicated to the principle that "the child's educational experience should encompass social, emotional and imaginative aspects of life in concert with intellectual development." Its commitment to "the whole child" informs our series at every step.

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